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Atlas45 Tool Roll

Figuring out how to best keep tools on the boat is a constant head-scratcher. Hard edged tool kits can be challenging to stow and damaging to the boat itself when flung about, while dedicated tool drawers make it difficult to keep the right kit at hand when working on various areas of the boat. The new Yorktown Quick Detach Tool Roll system from Atlas45 may have just solved the problem perfectly. This low-profile system is built of 1000D Cordura® Nylon, making it easy and safe to tuck away, and the combination of four detachable tool pouches allow you to carry just the what you need when moving about.

The Yorktown consists of 4 Quick Detach standard-size pockets paired with a more traditional tool roll, along with a dedicated crescent wrench/hand tool slots on the back.

Each pocket can be attached with the included 3 Quick Detach straps, or you can simply attach the pouch directly to the base with the built in loop panels. The top of the pouch has generously sized loop panels that are excellent for attaching magnetic panels.

Made in the USA with a lifetime guarantee, you can order the Yorktown now at a Pre-Order price of $145.

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