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Xtratuf Deck Boot

With fall upon us its time for a sweet pair of deck boots. What cowboy boots are to Texans, Xtratufs are to Alaskans. Dubbed the “Alaskan Sneaker” it has been performance tested and proven across the toughest stretches of water, from the Misty Fjords to Kodiak, from the Bering Sea to Harrison Bay. These boots are tough enough to keep you dry and on your feet no matter how crazy the weather gets.

Xtratuf Deck Boot

This Ankle Deck Boot has been crafted specifically for Off-Shore anglers. Xtratuf created a lightweight design with the same slip-resistant Chevron outsole found in their Legacy boots. The performance ankle deck boot is the perfect boot for any on the water athlete looking for protection with slip-on-and-go styling. This boot is constructed with hand-layed rubber, therefore it’s not a commercial grade boot.

Get a pair for $95.

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