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Wonderboom Big Audio Dynamite

There are a kajillion Bluetooth audio speakers out there, but these dead-simple, highly-portable waterproof speakers from Ultimate Ears are hard to beat for us boat lovers. Not only are they waterproof, but should one slip overboard, they actually float. The sound quality these little things produce is truly surprising – big, round low end and crisp highs – with plenty of volume. Ten hours of non-stop music on a single charge and the ability to play, pause, skip and adjust the volume right on the speaker makes them highly versatile. We like to utilize the simple little loop at the top to attach it to a rail in the cockpit, and since they pair with themselves seamlessly we keep one belowdecks as well for a full-boat audio system. Seriously, it’s like a Sonos for your boat, except each speaker costs less than $80 USD. Amazing.

We’ve been using one for the last few weeks and have determined that the days of the installed in-board audio system with car-like speakers that require drilling big holes into your boat are finally behind us. Just pick up one or two of these and get your party started at Ultimate Ears.

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