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Whitehall Spirit Tango 17

Get your row on with Whitehall’s Spirit Tango 17. There’s nothing finer than being on placid water in early mornings with nothing but the sound of oars sliding through water while taking in nature’s surroundings. And this people-powered sculling craft lets you do it with speed and comfort.

Canada-based Whitehall was the first to produce all water sculling boats with slide seat rowing systems, usually found in a racing shell. The Tango 17 is made from co-polymer plastic using thermoforming — a heat/vacuum forming process — that forms a rigid structure that’s durable and maintenance free.

She serves as the perfect tender, fitness, recreational or zen machine. It’s sliding sculling design lets your entire body do the work rather than just arms in traditional rowboats and kayaks.

Whitehall Spirit Tango 17

The inner and outer hull have an acrylic coating called Solarkote® bonded to the surface making it UV-proof so the boat retains her glossy finish for years.

An ‘interdeck’ bonded between the hull and deck further stiffens the boat and reinforces the cockpit deck, track tower bases, and footstop mounts. And by the way, the double hull construction makes the Tango 17® virtually unsinkable making it perfect as a tender.

The base price is $11,995. Send us an inquiry and we’ll help you get yours on order.

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