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Costa Del Mar sunglasses (Men's)

We like Costa mainly for the clarity and eye protection their lens technology offers.  But their comfort, durability, and vast style and sizing options are bonuses too.

Costa Del Mar was founded in 1983 in Daytona Beach, Florida by Ray Ferguson. Ferguson started the company by providing the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration with a pair of specially designed sunglasses. The glasses were such a hit that they were later endorsed by the government agency.

In 1986, Ferguson got his foot in the door at the Stars and Stripes, America’s Cup Challenge. Australian team captain, Dennis Connor wrote to Ferguson asking him to stock his team with Costa Del Mar sunglasses because they reveled in how well the glasses protected and shielded their eyes from glare and UV rays.

The Technology: Costa Del Mar sunglasses are made with 1 millimeter thin Lightweave glass polycarbonate lens, covered in a premium glare anti-reflecting absorbent coating. A scratch-proof encapsulated lens provides 100% UV protection and the entire line of Costa Del Mar sunglasses come in no fade lens colors.

While a bit more, we recommend paying up for their newest 580G technology.  It offers the finest in clarity and eye protection and the G (Glass) is scratch resistant.

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