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Reverse-engineered from Ernest Hemingway’s legendary boat Pilar, the new Wheeler 38 signifies the relaunch of the Wheeler Yacht Company. The new cold-molded mahogany exterior will match its namesake in looks above the waterline, but since its twin 370 hp Yanmars will push it to 25 knots (twice the speed of the original) the running surface is flatter with a sharper hull angle. 


While the exterior is a throwback, underneath the craft is filled with all the modern amenities like iPad control of most functions, air conditioning, autopilot, and Sub-Zero appliances.


This majestic work was done by the Brooklin Boat Yard with help from naval architect Bill Prince.


Back in the day Ernest Hemingway’s fishing boat Pilar was state of the art. Today while the original boat is on display at Hemingway’s former home in Cuba, the grandson of the man whose company built Pilar has reformed the Wheeler Yacht Company and is having a modernized version built in Maine at Brooklin Boat Yard.

In 2012, Ernest Hemingway‘s niece Hilary explored his old fishing boat for the first time. The 38-foot Wheeler Playmate “Papa” named Pilar after his wife Pauline was just sitting in a berth outside Havana, holding nothing but history. 

Hilary Hemingway boarded the boat that day with Wes Wheeler, whose great-grandfather founded Wheeler Shipbuilding in 1910. They measured the Pilar from bow to stern and now—eight years later—a new Pilar has been built from those measurements by the Wheeler Yacht Company and is expected to launch in September.

This beauty is quite the tribute for both Hemingway and the boat builder family legacy. She’s being launched this September in Brooklin, Maine. Reserve yours for $1.5M.

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