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Well, this is intriguing. Recently made available in Corpus Christi is this unfinished, never-launched Westsail 32 kit boat that could be a DIY’ers dream project. Hull #0415 has been garage kept for the past 28 years and needs a serious and committed tinkerer to bring her to life.

With custom woodwork throughout consisting primarily of teak and mahogany, custom bronze port lights, stainless steel stanchions and fittings, she has the potential to be a pretty special classic pocket cruiser after its all is said and done. The Westsail 32 is a legendary design, often credited with the start of the cruising craze.

The Westsail 32 goes down in history as the boat that launched a thousand dreams. She’s generally credited for starting the cruising boom of the 1970s which brought “the cruising life” out of the fringes and into the mainstream. Designed by Bill Crealock as a heavy displacement double ender for long distance cruising, this boat is the epitome of seaworthiness; built strong and heavy with huge interior volume. The trade off is in nimbleness; she is slow through the tacks and slow to accelerate. In the early years, often sailed by beginners on badly setup rigs, boat speed was often lacking and she was ridiculed as the “Wet-snail 32” among the bluewater sailing fraternity, however some of this reputation has been shrugged off in recent years. When sailed well the Westsail 32 can surprise.

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This project boat comes with a custom three-axle trailer, a Perkins PK4-107 diesel that needs rebuild, a Lefiell mast and boom, and numerous fittings and uninstalled cabinets. Is it a complete kit? Hard to tell. But for the adventurous DIY’er, amateur boat builder, or dreamer with a great deal of free time and extra cash, this could be a great project. Or your future nightmare. You decide.

Listed for $21,000 in Corpus Christi, Texas.

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