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Best Made Waxed Canvas Blanket

Waxed Canvas Blanket

Here’s the perfect blanket to stay warm on board. “Rugged utility” isn’t always what you expect to find in a blanket, but Best Made’s Waxed Canvas Blanket offers that as well as softness and warmth. Seven-ounce quilted cotton twill is backed with waxed sailcloth in a choice of olive drab and blaze orange, providing a dry, comfortable surface to spread out on or to keep warm in. Solid brass grommets can be staked down for a secure crash pad, or strung up to make a shelter against an unexpected deluge. Secured by an adjustable nylon strap with quick-release buckle, the Waxed Canvas Blanket can be lashed to a pack, heaved into a trunk, or stashed in the cabin, waiting for the call to action.

Buy it now from Best Made for $198.

Best Made Waxed Canvas Blanket

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