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Vanqraft VQ16

Scootertender anyone? Netherlands-based Vanquish Yachts has introduced this 16-foot watercraft that combines a superyacht tender with a wave runner. Guido de Groot Design and Studio Delta collaborated on the design resulting in a sweet mashup of both worlds — exhilarating speed and luxury.

The water craft is powered by a 1.8-liter Yamaha engine with jet propulsion that’s capable of outputting 200 hp to achieve speeds up to 40 knots.  They also offer a supercharged Veloce model that runs up to 50 knots. The jet drive is built flat into the hull so that the craft can easily fit into any tender garage.

Vanqraft VQ16

Vanqraft is fiberglass and is configured with two dedicated seats up front for passengers along with padded benches towards the rear. The helm seat is located in the center of the craft and is outfitted with handlebars to give the drive better maneuverability.

Pricing is only available by request, but we hear the starting price for the Vanqraft VQ16 is $89K and the Veloce $106K.

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