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Here’s a great bike to have on board for zipping around the marina or making a grocery run in town.  With a lightweight, aluminum coated frame and a more efficient battery, the Vanmoof S2 is their most impressive bicycle to date.  The battery charges up to 100% in four hours, or halfway in 80 minutes and once it’s ready to roll a Turbo-Boost button on the right-hand side offers on-demand acceleration with a max speed of nearly 20mph.  The bike also has 166 LEDs to light up the frame, while the stealth lock can be activated with a single kick. And just in case someone decides to try and steal the bike, it has tamper detection with an earsplitting alarm through the integrated speaker to surprise the would-be thief and alert anyone in the nearby area.  Available in Thunder Grey or Fog White.

Buy it for $2,600.

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