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Loeva Standup Paddleboard

French brand Loeva has created the Le Standup, a new paddle board that’s fully transparent. It’s made with mostly clear materials, creating a see-thru board offering a window into the sea life below your feet. Made by a pair of SUP enthusiasts, Le StandUp’s origin is from the “little French California of surfing,” Biarritz.

Loeva Standup Paddleboard

The Le Standup, is 128 inches by 31 inches and shaped like a normal board, but its made with a special acrylic glass called Altuglas ShieldUp. The material is transparent as well shock and scratch resistant. These two crystal-clear segments are bonded together by a white aerospace-grade carbon structure that keeps the board sturdy while only weighing 44 pounds.

Loeva Standup Paddle Board

And for us that like to paddle at night, Le Standup is equipped with two rows of ultra-white LED lights that can illuminate the water in front of the board for up 50 feet. Powered by a LifePo4 battery, the board promises up to three hours.

Loeva Standup Paddleboard

Stay tuned for availability.

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