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Thunder Hybrid Water Taxi

We’d happily take this taxi. Venetian design studio, Nuvolari Lenard, has just unveiled THUNDER, a 30 foot sustainable cruiser designed to help preserve the historic city of Venice with the use of “green” technology. Carlo Nuvolari and partner Dan Lenard came up with the concept during the 2019 Venice Boat Show after witnessing the tragic effects of pollution.

Thunder Hybrid Water Taxi

The first model of the 14-seat luxury water taxi has been built at Cantieri Vizianello in Venice which developed the mechanical and electronic coupling system of the hybrid system. It has obtained complete approval by the classification bodies after a year of testing and is now being offered for sale.

Thunder Hybrid Water Taxi

Hopefully their approach of combining new hybrid technology with stunning classic water taxi design will help traditional transport companies start to adopt eco friendly technology more broadly in Venice and around the world.

Cantieri Vizianello is listing THUNDER at € 100,000.

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