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The Ultimate Stow and Go Brompton Master

These finely-crafted, Superlight folding bikes from Brompton are the ultimate grocery getters. Small enough to stash on-board or in your marina locker at (23″ high x 22.2″ long x 10.6″ wide) they open up a world of possibilities when portside. Brompton folding bikes have been designed and hand-built in London for over 25 years, and their new Superlight is the latest evolution – utilizing a titanium rear frame, front fork and other lightweight componentry to lessen the weight by up to 0.74kg from their steel frame versions. Besides the lighter weight, little else changes with this model. Expect the same quality construction, smooth and fast ride, and a bike that folds and stows in less than 20 seconds.

Check ’em out at Brompton.

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