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The Bolder Skylodges

Norway’s fjord’s is one of the world’s most amazing water wonders, and here’s the perfect way to take in all its beauty from your own private perch. The Bolder Skylodges is a pair of compact retreats that overlooks Norway’s Lysefjord. The 200-square-foot tiny homes hover above 2,000 feet above sea level near Pulpit Rock. You’ll recall Pulpit Rock as the cliff Tom Cruise hung from in Mission Impossible 6.  

The Bolder Skylodges

The Sky Lodges are built on one single column to minimize the footprint in the landscape. They are 22 square meters of space that includes two double bedrooms, designer kitchen from Vipp, fully equipped bathroom and a dining room with an amazing view.

The Bolder Skylodges

The rental rate is NOK 3.700 ($437) per night for 2 adults. Add up to 2 more people for an additional fee of NOK 850 ($100) per person per night. They ask for a 2 night minimum on weekends.

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