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The Baggy Winecoat

The award winning Baggy Winecoat, designed by Jakob Wagner of Denmark, gives the popular bag-in-box wines a whole new wardrobe. It feels a little funny advocating for boxed wines, but given how far they’ve come in terms of quality, and just how unfriendly glass bottles can be in boating situations, we thought it was time to hop off our high horse for a minute.

Simply take the wine bag out of the box, place it in the Baggy Winecoat, and close the flexible top. The opening fits all standard taps, and is easy to lift and carry by the broad, soft rubber belt. The size can be adjusted by rolling or folding the belt, and it stands on a non-slip rubber base. If the wine is to be served chilled, there is even room for an ice pack. No stress. No shattered glass during an accidental jibe.

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