A 1983 Cherubini 48

This Cherubini 48 Staysail Schooner, VICTORIA, is simply stunning. Now, we’ve never seen a Cherubini we didn’t like, but this one is a real beauty. Long and low, with that clipper bow, bowsprit, and schooner rig, “she integrates classic themes in American sailing, the clipper ships, the Grand Banks fishing schooners, and racing schooners of the 1930s”, says the seller. Below decks, she embodies the classic elegance of the finest yachts. While traditional in appearance, she is fast and fully contemporary in her construction and outfitting. A true modern classic.

The Cherubini 48 was designed by John Cherubini and is similar to her smaller sister, the Cherubini 44. She has a long waterline, narrow hull, large divided rig, and shallow Scheel keel which opens up vast areas of Chesapeake Bay and the Bahamas. She combines a Marconi-rigged main with fore and main staysails to establish a plan that can be easily handled by two people. The staysails  are set up to be self-tending, and the large main is furled.

The divided sail plan allows the ultimate in versatility from an enormous sail area in light wind to a very short rig when conditions demand. Offshore sailors will appreciate the Schooner’s ability to heave-to in comfort under a deep-reefed foresail. The Cherubini 48 is a “go anywhere” boat, designed and constructed for the rigors of the long passage, yet capable of exploring the hidden backwaters of the world with its Scheel Keel drawing only 5 feet, 10 inches.

Randy Greenfield, David Walter’s Yachts

The Cherubini 48 honors the classic aesthetic of yesteryear, while offering the sailing prowess and construction quality of a modern fiberglass yacht. Hand-finished teak, highlighted by custom stainless steel and bronze fittings and ports, incorporated with the latest construction methods and materials, will tell you that this is a yacht crafted with care and an understanding of the sea.

As John Cherubini once said, “A yacht should be graceful enough to be worthy of the sea.” VICTORIA most certainly is. Listed for $430,000 USD, she awaits her new owners in Palm Beach, Florida.