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Your New Favorite VHF

That trusty handheld VHF that you toss around the boat like a pair of old socks? It’s time for an upgrade. And this one you might treat a little bit better, because the new Cobra Marine H600 is simply awesome. Pint-sized yet feature-packed, this waterproof VHF demonstrates just how far the technology has come. With a built-in GPS receiver and digital select calling, this comms device will send your coordinates automatically when making DSC calls in distress.

It also pairs to your smartphone with Bluetooth, allowing you to make cellular calls without fumbling for your phone. The noise-cancelling microphone cuts back wind noise, but if you miss the last broadcast you simply say, “Say Again” and it replays the last 20 seconds of the VHF call. Super cool! With a dedicated man-overboard key, a flashlight and built in S.O.S light, it’s time let your old VHF go. And those socks as well. Only $210.