Hemingway Oysterman Quaker Marine Hat

The Oysterman

We are big fans of the Oysterman hat made by Quaker Marine Supply. This classic was a favorite of Ernest Hemingway, who wore it duck hunting in Idaho and sport fishing in Cuba and Key West. The company has offered its long-billed waxed-canvas Swordfish hat since 1949. The brand rose to popularity in the 60s when its iconic Oysterman hat was featured on Hemingway in photos for a profile in Life magazine. That hat subsequently became a must have at yacht yards from Acadia, Maine, to Apalachicola, Florida.

While most hats today are a standard 6-panel, this hat is constructed with 4 lateral panels to deliver a low profile that reduces windage. Like the original, it features four eyelets on each side panel that provide ventilation. It is made in sturdy canvas that lasts and has a dark green faux-leather underbrim to absorb reflected light. The long shiny black brim is designed with purpose to repel water.

Quaker Marine Supply was founded in Philadelphia by Joseph Kadison, a Coast Guard veteran who began selling clothing, hardware and equipment aimed at marine life to local seamen. The business actually closed down during the Great Recession. Luckily Kevin McLaughlin, a fan of the brand and co-founder of JMclaughlin Sportwear rescued the brand (and hat) in 2012 and has preserved the brand mission and authenticity to this day. We are pleased to say that the Oysterman is still being manufactured by hand in the original factory from the 1950s in the USA. 

The Oysterman cap comes in tan, nautical red or navy. Buy yours now for $58.

The Utility Short

We’re digging the look of these new Utility Shorts from Quaker Marine Supply. The short features deep patch pockets that ensure your cell phone and boat keys won’t slip out – an all too common problem on the docks. And they’re built to last, with triple stitched side-seams and 100% Railroad Denim. It features a self belt with d-ring that allows the wearer to easily adjust sizing, which is forgiving thanks to an elasticized back waistline.

It’s good to see all that is happening with Quaker Marine Supply, a company originally founded in 1949 by a Coast Guard veteran named Joe Kadison. QMS has a long history of serving the sea-loving crowd. The company began as an outfitter specializing in marine hardware and clothing. Starting in the sixties, QMS became known for its long-brimmed caps, notably the Swordfish and the Oysterman, with its patent-leather bill. The latter was a favorite of Ernest Hemingway, who wore it duck hunting in Idaho and sport fishing in Cuba and Key West.

The company, after being dormant for a number of years is back at it and focusing on the nautical lifestyle they were originally born into. These shorts are $115 and come in multiple colors.