Zeltini Ttriton

Zeltini Z-Triton Houseboat Trike

We’ve been stumbling on some quirky amphibious crafts of late. Here’s a combo houseboat, micro camper, and electric bicycle. The Zeltini Z-Triton Houseboat Trike allows you to travel both land and sea in one vessel. The recreational vehicle lets you traverse land with an electric tricycle capable of going 25 mph. When on the water, the bike folds up and a motor propels the craft up to 19 mph. Its interior measures 3.6 meters in length by 1.2 meters wide to sleep two people while electric assistance controls the power, lights, and temperature.

Zeltini Ttriton

Zeltini is a design & prototyping workshop in Latvia.

The Dusky Parakeet

Go off-grid with this beautifully designed modern one-bedroom houseboat.

The Dusky Parakeet is a bright and cozy houseboat currently moored in London’s St. Katharine Docks. London–based firm 31/44 Architects outfitted the brand-new 60′ x 12′ wide beam canal boat with bespoke interiors that give off a Scandinavian vibe. The calm, muted palette is perfectly suited to the Dusty Parakeet’s watery surroundings.

The handmade joinery and flooring are crafted from Douglas fir, charcoal gray Valchromat, and tulipwood. The interior is open and uncluttered, and storage is cleverly tucked away beneath the staircase and under the benches.

As the listing states, “It would be impossible to find an apartment of this caliber, in this location, at this affordable price, but Dusky Parakeet manages to achieve all three. She would make a perfect pied-à-terre, moveable home, or office.”

The minimalist boat is fitted with bespoke wall sconces and custom-made upholstery. The handmade kitchen features recycled materials by Smile Plastics. The doors and countertops are made of yogurt containers—and they even contain little flecks of silver from the lids.

The houseboat has a single bedroom with a round porthole—as nice little reminder you are on a boat.

The Dusky Parakeet is outfitted with a 500-liter water storage tank and solar panels, so it can run 100% off the grid if needed. And she is equipped with a fully insulated hull, double glazing, and underfloor heating so it will stay warm and cozy during the winter months.

The shower room is made almost entirely from Corian. And an incineration toilet makes waste disposal easy.

She can be yours for $378K.

Arkup Mobile Overwater Villas

Arkup Mobile Overwater Villas

The Dutch never cease to amaze us. While technically not a yacht, this is the perfect place to dock one. Combining elements of a houseboat, luxury yacht, and oil rig, Arkup Mobile Overwater Villas propose a new solution for maritime living. Designed by Dutch architect Koen Olthuis, the 4,350 square-foot solar-powered inaugural model offers four bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, and laundry room, outfitted with high-end finishes and floor-to-ceiling windows. Its unique hydraulic self-elevating system can lift it above the waves, keep you safe in a storm — it’s designed to withstand a Category 4 hurricane — and transform the moving vessel into a stationary home, making it more permanent than a yacht yet far less constricting than a shoreline condo.

You can get more info at Arkup or go meet them in person at the Miami Yacht show this weekend.






The Floatwing

Floatwing is brought to us from Friday, which is a team of naval architects, engineers and industrial designers from the University of Coimbra in Portugal.  They just published first photos of their prefabricated floating house that can be built to order and transported to lakes and waterways anywhere worldwide.

The modular design allows it to be shipped in two containers and assembled on site.  Friday describes themselves as “creating technologically advanced nautical and water related leisure devices and equipment”, with a focus on “modularity, personalized client relationships, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability”.  And we are all in!

The Floatwing is designed to be entirely self-sustainable for up to a week at a time, letting you take up residence at the most beautiful remote spots.  You can specify the amount of equipment integrated in to the house such as a pellet stove that burns compressed wood or biomass, water and waste tanks with 7 day capacity, and a wastewater treatment plant that uses activated sludge.

The house has a fixed width of 6 meters with lengths between 10 and 18 meters.  The layout is customizable whether you want a cosy studio or a fully furnished 3 bedroom home with 2 baths.  She’s powered with a motor partly by solar energy, it can move itself at speeds of three knots.

Find your Floatwing at Friday .






The Nautino – Modern Leisure

The German designed Nautino, is a beautifully designed houseboat that lets you enjoy peace and quiet on the water in style and comfort.  Nautino comes with a rooftop lounge, fully equipped kitchen, living area, 7 berths,  heating,  shower and toilet. The boat dimensions are 11m x 4m with a 60 cm draft.  Nautino is ideal for moored living or take a jaunt on the water and cove out.  The 15Hp outboard engine isn’t going to get you anywhere in a hurry, but then again that’s the point.

Nautilus Houseboats production facilities are in Berlin, Germany and is where owner Andreas Hoffmann personally designs the boats.  Go to Nautilus Houseboats  to connect with Andreas and get your little nest on the water for €135,000.