Sultana Feadship Yacht

SULTANA, a 1969 Feadship

We found this true gentleman’s yacht that blends classic Feadship styling with modern technology. This 85 ft yacht was built by the famed boat yard, Feadship of De Vries in Aalsmeer, the Netherlands. Launched by the collaboration between Feadship and Carlo Riva for the build of the Caravelle Series, M/Y Sultana (originally M/Y Din Dina) was delivered to their Italian Owners in 1969. Sultana underwent a major refit in 2012.

Sultana Feadship Yacht

The current owner with his experienced project manager discovered the yacht abandoned in a French yard in 2007. Despite being in a poor condition with an almost empty hull, the owner’s team fell in love with her classic lines, typical of a Feadship. The major rebuild of the M/Y Sultana was successfully completed in summer 2012 at Feadship’s yard in Makkum. The extensive project was carried by the dedicated Feadship refit department in close cooperation with the owner’s team. It reinforces the priceless value of having a Feadship refitted by Feadship itself.

She’s now equipped with state of the art technology and an elegant interior thanks to interior designer De Voogt. Sultana’s open layout with sundeck and and lounge areas are ideal for entertaining family and friends during the day with its udjustable shades as well as at night with illuminated LED lighting.

Sultana Feadship Yacht

She has elegant living areas and sleeps 8 guests comfortably across 4 staterooms, with the cozy full-beam master suite and bath area serving as the perfect escape for privacy in comfort.

Sultana Feadship Yacht

The yachts additional staterooms include a full-beam VIP and two staterooms with twin-size beds, which can be converted into doubles. Each stateroom is equipped with state-of-the-art entertainment systems, which appear as mirrors unless switched on. Additionally, the entertainment systems are linked to the deck and underwater cameras allowing guests to lay in bed and enjoy the surrounds above and below the waterline.

Sultana Feadship Yacht

In addition to her luxurious accommodations, Sultana also comes with plenty of toys for fun water recreation including a tender, wave runner, SeaBob, and scuba diving equipment.

Sultana is currently listed for 3,300,000 EUR.

Atalanta J Custom Feadship

Atalanta J, a custom Feadship

We found this classic 1958 custom Feadship 25M that was recently refit in 2015. Her elegant exterior and interior styling are the work of De Voogt. “Atalanta J’s” interior layout sleeps 8 guests in 4 twin cabins. Her beautiful furnishing and elegant seating is so inviting we can’t decide whether to entertain or curl up with a book. She is simply timeless.

Atalanta J Custom Feadship

She’s listed for €985,000.

1964 Feadship

1964 Feadship Restoration

We’ve discovered a pretty special restoration project. Originally launched as ‘EXACT’, this 1964 86ft Classic Canoe Stern Feadship is available and in need of a complete refit/rebuild.  She’s currently on the hard in Freeport, Bahamas at Bradford Shipyard. 

The end result would be a fully restored, timeless classic that will enter the ‘Feadship Heritage Fleet’ ready to conquer the worlds oceans for another lifetime. 

Here’s an estimate from the shipyard of what’s needed:

-The hull is pitting and estimated to take 6-8 months to rebuild at a cost of 500,000 EURO (+/-)
-Man hours alone for the hull is estimated at roughly 7,500.
-Total refit would be approximately 3.5-4m EURO.
-Transport to the Netherlands will cost 120,000 EURO.

Here’s an exert about her history from the Yachting Magazine – March, 1965

When a boat is a definite expression of her owner, his personality, his ideas, his special requirements, his background, and his feelings for things nautical, she inevitably takes on added interest. For this reason, EXACT, a handsome vessel that would attract attention under any circumstances, is one of the most notable yachts of recent seasons. She is well worth a study by anyone who appreciates the thought that can be put into a boat, whether she be an outboard fishing skiff, an ocean racing auxiliary, a one-design sailboat, a family cabin cruiser or a luxury yacht.

EXACT, 86’5″x77’5″x20’x6’6″, designed by H. W. DeVoogt & Sons, and built by C. Van Lent & Zonen in Kaag, Holland, of steel, was delivered there last spring to J. Burr Bartram of Greenwich, Conn. After a three week shakedown cruise to the Frisian Islands, then back through the lake country via canals to the Rhine at Arnhem, down the Rhine to Flushing, in Zealand, and then back to Rotterdam, she was shipped to the U.S by frieghter.

Bartram, whose family ancestry goes back to a long tradition of New England seafarers and ship owners, is a former commodore of the New York Yacht Club, who has owned a succession of powerboats, motorsailers, and auxiliaries. They have all carried names taken from family ships the era of sail, and EXACT is named for a bark built in Derby, Conn., for Bartram interests in the 19th century.

“We have had boats for racing, for cruising and for fishing,” Commodore Bartram explains it, “and this time, frankly, we wanted a boat for comfortable spectating at the America’s Cup trials and other races that would also be a good cruising boat. This meant she should be comfortable to live aboard for long periods, have good visibility from anywhere on deck, be a good sea boat, and be easy to handle and maneuver. She has really worked out very well in all these demands, and we are very pleased with her.”

Bartram is one of the few owners of yachts this size who likes to be his own skipper while aboard, although he does, of course, have a professional captain and crew. He is particularly enthusiastic over how EXACT handles, for a boat of her size, in a seaway while underway, in a large spectator fleet, and in maneuvering in close quarters in such a crowded spot as Newport, R.T., was last summer.

Her twin screw 336 hp. HM V-8 diesels, permanent fin stabilizers and double-ended hull, all requirements Bartram worked out with the designer, along with many details of her layout and arrangements, all contribute to her performance and ease of handling. The stabilizers definitely dampen rolling and provide a much more pleasant motion at sea. Since Newport’s well-known swells were larger, on the average, last summer, than in many other years, this meant a great deal of extra comfort in watching the 12-Meter races. The only drawback to the fins is that care is needed while docking, as they cannot be retracted, as can some models. Any pilings that slant out under water are a special hazard, but they are protected from normal vertical piers and bulkheads by the turn of the hull. Since EXACT is used for southern cruising in the winter, the fins should be a welcome addition for crossing the Gulf Stream to the islands, and in such spots as the Northwest and Northeast Providence Channels and the Tongue of the Ocean, as well as on the passage north and south.

Her double-ended hull form has definitely contributed to her feel and performance at sea. While the rounded stern would limit speed in a smaller boat, a hull this size could only be driven at high speeds at tremendous cost in money and comfort. However, her waterline is long enough for her to achieve the 10-12 knot cruising top speed range that is sensible for a boat of this category, even with a rounded stern. For greater comfort and better steering, it is a positive benefit in a following sea, and she slides along easily.

“I really enjoy handling her,” is Bartram’s comment. “She steers and maneuvers so well that it is a positive pleasure, and it adds a great deal to the fun of a day at sea for me.”

The attention to good visibility makes her a more interesting boat to be aboard at all times. The Cup yachts could be seen from a seated position anywhere on her main deck, forward or aft, and from inside the main salon on the main deck (she was often used by member of the NYYC selection committee for this reason). This is a plus while cruising in scenic areas, which was immediately brought home on her shakedown through the European canals and rivers. The weather (in May) was fine, and the whole shakedown was a very successful venture. 

Let us know if you’d like to take on this project and bring this gorgeous yacht back to life.

TIKY Feadship Motor Yacht

A 1961 Feadship 62′

We found this classic Feadship in Italy. Commissioned in 1960 from Van Lent & Zonen, one of the founding members of the Feadship consortium, the 62 ft TIKY was an extravagant boat for her time. The Fischer family cruised her all over northern Europe for 20 years before selling her back to yard owner Jan Van Lent in 1982. She was sold again, renamed LENTEN ROSE and spent a few years in the UK before being taken to the Mediterranean, where she cruised under a succession of British owners, including Lord Normanton, chairman of the British Powerboat Racing Club, who changed her name to ALTO VOLANTE after his famous racer. Although modernized over the years, in due course she fell into some decline to be found in 2006 by a hands-on boat restorer; the current owner.

After extensive restoration, the yacht was moved in 2011 by land to Fox’s Marina & Boatyard in Ipswich to be finished, painted, and commissioned. Finally; eight years after buying her, in May 2014 TIKY was deemed ready for launched and delivered to San Remo in Italy.

She’s listed at €1.3M.

TIKY Feadship Motor Yacht