Unagi Electric Scooter

Unagi Electric Scooter

The Unagi electric scooter is a fun way to get around the marina and into town. Unagi’s thoughtful folding design is super compact and light weight so its easy to store and whip out and go on the fly.  This scooter features rubber wheels that require no inflation or maintenance and provides for a smooth ride.  Choose between single or dual 250 watt motors and smart battery that hits a max speed of 20 mph and a range of 20 miles.

The scooter weighs just over 26 pounds and comes with electronic brakes and a 47 lumen LED headlight for a safe ride.

Get your scoot on for $990.

+31 Architects

Nature Cruiser Houseboat by +31 Architects

This modern hybrid electric houseboat was designed by Amsterdam based +31 Architects for a German adventurer and businessman. His desire was to disconnect and cruise the rivers and lakes in comfort and quiet. The 15-meter sleek cruising home features plenty of windows for he and his guests to fully engage in the beauty of the surrounding views of nature and escape the digital world.


Stepping inside, you’ll find a spacious living room, a cozy bedroom, and bathroom all built with smooth, clean wood panels. You’ll even be helping nature while admiring it as this houseboat utilizes solar panels and solar collectors on the roof to produce energy and provide you with warm water.

+31 Architects was founded in 2005 by Jorrit Houwert. The firm is active in the field of architecture, interior design, urban planning and is an expert in the field of floating constructions. They’re known for several high-profile houseboat designs on the prominent Amstel River in Amsterdam’s city centre, such as Watervilla Omval nicknamed “i-Phone boat” because of the striking round sides and smooth metal facade.


So whether you are wanting to social distance or simply live on the water and be one with nature, the Nature Cruiser Houseboat provides plenty of inspiration on how to do it right.

Evoy Electric Outboard Motor

Evoy Electric Outboard Motor

Here’s a way to electrify your boat to go clean and green. Norway-based Evoy has revealed a prototype electric outboard motor. The motor was designed to fit the arctic-exploring Zodiac Milpro MARK 5 and produces 115 hp in this configuration. The motor is best used with low planing boats and promises to eliminate noise, smell, pollution while reducing maintenance and usage costs.

Modular battery blocks let range extend as needed, and the system offers the same instant torque and emissions-free operation that have made their road-going counterparts such a hit.

Evoy launched in 2017. It’s nice to see Evoy and other companies doing their part to help reduce boat emissions much like their automotive counterparts. The company will consult with you regarding your boat’s applications, whether for private or commercial use.

Serenity 64

Zero Emmission Yacht

Serenity 64 by Serenity Yachts was one of the highlights of the Miami Boat Show. Alternative power is a huge development in the luxury auto world; and Serenity Yachts is doing its part to bring that movement to the ocean. Serenity 64 uses its ample sky-facing real estate to house a series of solar panels that power electric hybrid engines and all of the on-board passenger’s power needs. She’s basically a zero-emissions vessel with unlimited range. Great for the eco system and your pocket book.

Awake Electric Surfboard

Awake Electric Surfboard

You’ve been a good boy, and the Awake electric surfboard is the perfect toy to have on board this holiday season. This board lets you rip through the water with real speed. Designed with speed in mind, the Awake Rävik Electric Surfboard’s patent-pending Awake Direct Drive powertrain avoids the power losses of traditional jet-based crafts. Its carbon fiber body is hydrodynamic and this 2019 Red Dot Award-winning board hits speeds of up to 35 mph.

Awake Electric Surfboard

You have complete freedom and control via a handheld throttle. Its mobile app allows you to customize the power output between 4 different ride modes, from mellow to aggressive and keeps track of the battery life. The battery is rated at 40 minutes with a 80 minute full charge. So we recommend getting an extra battery so you can keep riding while charging the other.

This electric surfboard weighs 77 lbs and is built in-house using state-of-the-art components at Awake’s facility in Malmö, Sweden.

Starts at $22,500.

Beau Lake Electric Boats

Beau Lake Electric Boat

Allow us to introduce Beau Lake’s new classic electric boat. You may recall we featured their retro paddle boat last year, and simply love their work.

Blending styling of the lake runabout with retro cars, the Tahoe and Lugano are new offerings for the eco-conscious boater.  Powered by Germany’s Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 FP electric motor and 24-3500 Lithium smart battery, they achieve a cruising speed of 3.5 knots and a top speed of 6 knots in mere silence.

Beau Lake Electric Boats

Beau Lake’s luxurious design work includes hand-carved mahogany tiller and joystick, marine grade upholstered seats, removable two-compartment cooler and charcuterie board, and mirror polished stainless-steel castings and hardware.

Their use of a lightweight molded fiberglass hull and self-draining construction makes for easy navigation, hauling and storage.

They go for $35K+.

Jet Capsule

Jet Capsule Motorboat

Jet Capsule’s Royal Version 001 watercraft is a sleek alternative to a traditional tender. At roughly 26 feet long with space for 9 passengers, it’s bigger and more luxurious than their original version. A motorized carbon fiber rear door provides access to the teak-trimmed interior, which includes a bathroom, wet bar, and leather seats.

Powered by single or dual Yanmar diesel engines paired to a Hamilton or Rolls Royce jet drive, it can hit a top speed of 62 knots, or with twin Torqeedo electric engines providing a stealthier, more eco-friendly 12 knots cruising option.

Jet Capsule’s are made in Italy. Order yours for $285K.

Jet Capsule
Hinckley Dasher

Hinckley Electric Yacht

Here’s Hinckley’s first zero emission electric yacht.   This 28.6′ 21st century design is aptly called Dasher after the original Hinckley Picnic Boat that created a whole new genre of yachts in the 1990’s.  It sports a carbon-epoxy composite hull designed by Michael Peters to provide superior performance and handling.  It has hand-painted “teak” brightwork that never needs to be oiled and saves weight.  The titanium hardware and iPad-like controls are elegantly modern.  Dasher‘s twin 80 horsepower electric motors and dual BMW i3 lithium ion batteries provides its electric performance.

Dasher is a zero emissions boat that requires zero time at the fuel dock.  It can be charged with dual 50 amp charging cables that are standard in most marinas, and charge twice as fast as the most popular plug-in electric cars.

Since its cruising speed is a modest 10 MPH with fast cruising at 18-27 MPH, and its range on a single charge is limited to 40 miles or less, Dasher is not intended to be an offshore boat.

Learn more about Dasher here.


Hinckley Dasher


Hinckley Dasher


Hinckley Dasher


The Lift – An Electric Hydrofoil

Marty McFly’s hover board on water?  The Lift eFoil allows riders to fly over water at up to 25 mph, no waves or towing required.  The eFoil uses a state of the art lithium ion battery, a hydrodynamic, torpedo designed, electric propulsion unit along with custom electronics. It also features a high performance carbon fiber board and hydrofoil to give users the ultimate smooth and responsive riding experience.

The company is based in Puerto Rico and Austin, TX and  just started shipping pre-orders after 10 years of R&D.  You can order yours for $12K with a $6K deposit here.  They estimate shipment to be 4 months from order.


Foiler Flying Yacht

Boating meets the Jetsons.  Using a pair or retractable carbon fiber hydrofoils, the aptly-named Foiler Flying Yacht glides above the waves. It’s powered by two 320 hp BMW diesel engines, linked to two electric generators and two electric torpedoes for a hybrid system. The result is a top speed of 40 knots, a range of 130 nautical miles at a cruising speed of 30 knots, and the ability to tackle six-foot waves with no onboard disruption for you or your seven passengers.  Move from “Fly” mode to “Float” mode at the touch of a button.

The Foiler is manufactured from carbon fiber with high grade stainless steel, aluminum and titanium mechanical parts.  The foils and rudders are also manufactured from carbon fiber in an autoclave, to ensure high rigidity and robustness.

Certified for up to 8 passengers, the Foiler is 32 ft in length and 11 ft wide.  When in fly mode Foiler is 3 ft off the water and has a wingspan of 24 ft.

Contact Foiler to place an order.  They quote 12 month delivery.