Spry Waterproof Drone

Spry Waterproof Drone

Jealous of those super sexy drone shots you’re seeing online of boats underway, but too afraid to risk a watery crash of your own? SwellPro claims the Spry to be the world’s only waterproof sports drone, designed for boating enthusiasts like us. Programmed to easily return to a moving boat, or take off and land in the water, the Spry has automatic follow me and orbit modes that make it easy to capture footage while underway. The true 4K camera will capture crisp images with clear detail, so better do that brightwork you’ve been putting off first.

Comes with an easy to stow, simple carrying case for just under $1000 USD.

Titan, An Underwater Drone

Move over Jacques Cousteau.  This underwater drone lets you view and capture underwater sea life and beauty from the comfort of the boat.

Capable of reaching nearly 500 feet deep, the Titan is an ideal underwater photography tool.  It uses six powerful thrusters combined with software to let you get smooth footage and sharp images even in strong currents.  The 4K sensor sits behind a 160º wide-angle lens which can be augmented with color-correcting filters, captures 8-megapixel stills, and sends a 1080p live stream back to the surface.  Video game-like controls reduce the learning curve to minutes instead of hours or days, and 3,000-lumen LED lights let you see when you’ve lost touch of the sun’s rays.  It comes with a hardshell carrying case and a battery good for four hours of run time.

Titan’s Kickstarter campaign has already doubled it’s goal and orders are expected to ship this October.  Reserve yours for $1,399 here.