CLC DIY Teardrop Camper

CLC Teardrop Camper Kit

We found this DIY camper kit created by boat builder and small home designer John C. Harris. It’s a great way to get out and travel during the pandemic and stay safe in your own private quarters while doing so. And you can’t beat the price. Harris designed the camper to be compact and light enough to tow behind his Mini Cooper.

Campers have always required a midsize to heavy duty truck to tow. Harris asked “What if we take the same boatbuilding materials and techniques we’ve been refining for 25 years at Chesapeake Light Craft and build a teardrop trailer? And the same sculptural approach that we bring to boat design?”.  

The result is the 5′ x 8′ (1.5 x 2.4m) teardrop you see here, and it’s a lot more elegant than the common “canned sardines” teardrop designs. Drawn around a 60 x 80″ (1.5 x 2m) air mattress, this little camper is small on the outside but surprisingly roomy on the inside. She was designed to sleep two 6’6″ adults comfortably.

Enjoy your very own outdoor kitchenette. The camper has a customizable rear galley for cooking and easy access to daily essentials. It’s fully customizable. Staff designer Dillon Majoros has devised a brilliant shelving unit that drops in as a separate module, and which is offered as a kit option.  

Just because you are on the road doesn’t mean you can’t stay connected. The design also includes a 12-volt electrical system to run lights, fans, a stereo, and charging plugs for devices.

The roof is sturdy enough to support all kinds of rack configurations for your toys and any extra storage.

CLC has quite the community. Here are some DIY camper photos by the DIYers themselves.

So what are you waiting for. Order your DIY kit and hit the road.