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Superride Self Balancing Electric Unicycle

Segways are dorky and we wouldn’t be caught dead on one. But this Superride Self-Balancing Electric Unicycle is bad ass. It’s a killer way to buzz around the marina or in to town. It doesn’t need gas and takes up less space than a bike or scooter.

Using gyroscopes, it keeps itself steady while enabling intuitive control: simply lean forward to accelerate and back to brake. Leaning sideways to turn, and rest it on the rear kickstand when you hop off. Its 1,000-watt motor enables a top speed of 20 mph, while the 60-volt / 5.8-Ah battery charges quickly and has a range of up to 15 miles. Battery and speed info can be accessed via the LED display, and it also ships with an electronic horn and LED headlight.

You can buy yours for $1,399 with free shipping.

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