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Here’s a great project to do with the kids. New Zealand based boatbuilders Stitchbird has created a DIY dinghy kit that gives you everything you need to build a boat in less than 3 weeks. It’s got all the materials, simple step-by-step instructions, and requires no special tools. Made with marine grade plywood, the finished boat measures 7.2 feet in length, has 2 fishing rod holders, and you can even mount a small outboard motor to it. The boat capacity is spec’d to hold up to 331 lbs.


The kit includes precision cut ply and hardwood pieces, instruction manual, cable ties (zip ties), West System marine epoxy, Altex paint kit (timber sealer, varnish, primer, undercoat and topcoat in your choice of color), 10m painter rope, stainless towing eye, pair of nylon rowlock ferrules and screws. Choose your favorite color.


Here’s a nice little overview of the build process from the owner.

Order your kit cost for $2100 NZD ($1533 USD).

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