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SS Ingels Ferry Mansion

We can’t stop admiring this transformation of a 126 foot ferry into an architect’s personal floating home. Famed Danish architect Bjarke Ingels bought the decommissioned Bukken-Bruse (Billy Goat Gruff) in 2016 to become their family home. As he embarked on a major restoration with modern design, he kept certain historical nautical elements.

SS Ingels Ferry Mansion

The layout is split across two levels. The upper level sees a sizeable living area with second-to-none vistas, a suspended fireplace and themed sofas. On the other side, there’s an open kitchen outfitted by Italian architect Luca Cipelletti and lit by Ingels’s own pendant lights.  The rooftop features a 360-degree terrace perfect for entertaining under the stars.

SS Ingels Ferry Mansion

Down below is where the family fun takes place. There is a playroom equipped with colorful beanbags and bright carpets. Down the hall are two cabins and a full bathroom that was inspired by Japan’s ryokans and features a hinoki cypress soaking tub.

SS Ingels Ferry Mansion

Their floating abode is moored in Copenhagen’s historic Refshaleoen harbor.

Photographs by Pernille and Thomas Loof

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