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Porsche Configurable Watch

Porsche just unveiled a program to let you design your watch to match your car. They’ve developed a special watch configurator that lets you tailor the Porsche Design Chronotimer Series 1 luxury watch. All available configuration options are derived from the Porsche 911. The use of the high-tech material titanium is a tribute to the lightweight construction of the legendary sports car, while the color options available for the timepieces are inspired by its interior and exterior colors, and the rotors are derived from the wheel designs of the 911.

Customize from the case and the strap to personalized engraving. Once the configuration is complete, you will receive a unique code. You can then submit the code to any authorized Porsche dealer or Porsche Design retail store to order your custom-built timepiece.

Check out the Porsche Design online watch configurator to explore the multitude of combinations, and design your very own timepiece that suits you.

Porsche Configurable Watch

Here’s the custom-built Timepiece specially created by LeMans champion Hans-Joachim Stuck. His is derived from ‘his’ colors: the vibrant Speed Blue is a reference to the paintwork of his 962C and his helmet adorned with white stars. 

Porsche Configurable Watch

Your watch will be handcrafted according to your specifications at the Porsche Design watch manufacturer in Switzerland. Allow up to 12 weeks after placing the order.

Base price starts at $5,150.

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