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SeaVees Baja Slip On

A slip on like these sweet Bajas from SeaVees seems to us to be an almost required piece of kit. Can one really live on the docks without a version of these for easy on easy off as you hop on and off the boat? I mean, why would you? So these Bajas from SeaVees are pretty much a no-brainer. Many fine companies make very similar versions, and frankly, these aren’t super differentiating, but they’re basic, affordable, well-built and a little more designed than some.

The Baja comes in five different somewhat muted colors constructed of vintage washed linen, so they’re soft. They have a contoured foam footbed for comfort, and the soles are non-marking (we’ve tested). These are the kind of shoes you may want to have multiples of. Nothing precious and nothing to worry about. Just good boat shoes.

$68 at SeaVees online.

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