The Best Of Boat WorldsTM

Part bike, part moped, the Scrooser is more than a frame and fat tires. Nothing like cruising around the marina or in to town on this sweet ride. The self-balancing ride uses a battery-powered 500W motor to augment your muscle power, letting you hit speeds up to 15.5 mph while constantly analyzing your movements and adjusting accordingly.

Hydraulic front and mechanical rear disc brakes ensure you can stop safely, LED lights keep you visible in traffic, and a small display in the middle of the metal handlebars keeps you abreast of battery levels, your speed, and which of the four driving modes you’re in: Sport, Comfort, Eco, or Hand (manual).

Length: 74″ / Width: 23″ / Height: 49.5″ / Weight: 165 lbs.

Range: 34 Miles / Top Speed: 15.5 mph / Battery: Removable 36V, 20 Ah / Charging Time: 4 Hours

This bad boy is engineered and produced in Germany. You can order yours now or £2900 (regularly £4750).

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