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Saffier Se 37 Lounge

Well, dang. The new Saffier SE 37 Lounge is not an easy boat to put in a box. Designed for a unique combination of hauling ass and relaxing completely while doing so, the SE 37 is a unique hybrid. And hybrids normally infer compromise. Yet this yacht seems to sacrifice nothing.

Saffier has somehow achieved the design and build of a high-performance yacht without the inherent complications of a racing machine. The roomy and stylish cockpit is designed for comfort and entertainment – hence the word Lounge in the name – with an interesting forward dual steering wheel set up. This unique arrangement enables all running rigging to run straight from the mast to twin banks of jammers placed directly next to the helmsperson, where electronic winches do the work for you.

Her lines are both aggressive and elegant, with a low freeboard that conjures many classics. Her sleek coachroof and black spars have a certain sex appeal for sure, with everything coming together in nice harmony. Many might say that 37 feet is a lot for a weekender, but this design feels quite natural. Her large cockpit works wonderfully at anchor – with a built in grill, of course.

Belowdecks is a modern and inviting space. The minimal but elegant finish-out is ideal for a couple that may choose to stay a night or two, with two long settees, a vberth, an extremely simple galley and head. And that’s about it. Without standing headroom this isn’t a liveaboard by any means, but you knew that.

We have not had the pleasure of a test sail, but those that have regularly report sailing speeds of 18-20 knots (wow!), and with the ease of push button sailing and a self-tacking jib, its a rather effortless cruise. She comes with a 21hp Yanmar saildrive.

Prices are in the mid $200s USD. That’s a lot for a weekender. But this is a lot of weekender.

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