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We can’t resist Dutch barges.  Meet Victor, a 1928 beauty that was rebuilt in 1998 and re-fitted in 2008-2009. He’s 25m long and 5m wide with an open floor plan including a nicely appointed galley, 3 bedrooms and 3 baths.  The updated interior and furnishings are cozy and the white super clean.  And who doesn’t love a furry footstool.

Victor is powered by a 260hp Scania engine complimented by a hydraulic thruster to assist with docking.

A Luxe Motor is a Dutch type barge, built for the first time in the early 1920s. Most vessels had a straight bow with characteristic upsweep of the gunwale and good accommodation for living at the back of the ship, from which the name derives. As constructed, luxe motor lengths range from 18 to 30 meters though many were lengthened in the 1950s to compete with the falling price of road transport. After commercial retirement the luxe hull is a popular choice for live-aboard and recreational use.

We found this floating abode in Amsterdam at Bowcrest Marine listed for $478,440.





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