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Raymarine Docksense

Raymarine Docksense

Raymarine has just announced their new DockSense™ system – designed to take the stress (humiliation?) out of docking your vessel in tight quarters and when the wind and tides are working against you. Perhaps inspired by Tesla’s self parking mode and similar advances in the automotive industry – it’s exciting to see Raymarine applying such thinking to the aquatic world.

DockSense™ uses intelligent FLIR machine vision camera technology to analyze surrounding imagery while integrating with the vessel’s propulsion and steering system to help boaters in tight quarter docking.

DockSense™ incorporates the systems Virtual Bumper technology to scan the environment and automatically introduce corrective steering and throttle commands to avoid the object and assist the captain in guiding the vessel to the dock. It then uses global positioning system (GPS) and attitude heading reference system (AHRS) position sensing technology to compensate for the effects of wind and currents, ensuring the vessel enters the dock without drama or costly collisions.

So now you can dock like a boss. And no one will know you had the extra help.

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