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Flo-Fast Portable Gas Pump

Portable Gas System

This gas system from Flo-Fast is perfect for hauling gas to and from the dock. The containers come in 7.5, 10.5 and 15-gallons making the system super portable. A complete system consists of a pump, container and cart. The pump uses a hand crank so there’s no need to prime it and it pumps gas super fast at 8 gallons per minute. The cart is designed to lug 2 carts easily so you can haul up to 30 gallons.

Flo-Fast Portable Gas System

So say goodbye to 1) holding a super heavy container while trying to fill up, 2) breaking your back hauling gas from the car, and 3) marina surcharge gas prices.

Buy just the containers or a complete system which ranges between $320 and $520 depending on container size.

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