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Oclu Adventure Camera

This new adventure camera from Oclu has been winning all sorts of design awards, and is ideally suited to the boating market. Rugged and IPX7 water-resistant right out of the box, it can be outfitted with a dozen different mounts and accessories — including a waterproof case that’s good for down to 50m and a stretchy mount with 360-degree rotation — built to film any sport from any angle.

If you’re like us, most of what we shoot doesn’t make the cut, and the Oclu is built with that fact in mind. LiveCut® allows you to delete unwanted recordings on-the-fly. Now you can finish a session having saved only your best clips, ready-to-share.

The camera itself has a simple, intuitive interface, and camera settings are easily managed further by their smartphone app. The integration allows content to easily be viewed, edited and shared straight from smartphones. You can also quickly toggle from different modes to capture the action however is best, from video, loop record, time-lapse, photo, burst, multi-photo, and even motion record. With an aerodynamic design and state-of-the-art processors to capture experiences in stunning detail, you will want to make sure to pack an OCLU before your next adventure.

We’re looking forward to giving it a go. You can too for $299.

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