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Fanny pack

The ’80s called and they want their fanny pack back. Because if you actually have one, there’s no way it’s as nice as this one. Seriously, despite the cultural derision this accessory has long suffered, the brave among us know that a fanny pack is actually tremendously handy on a boat. When you’re moving about continuously, but need the basics always at hand – be it your cell phone, a bosuns knife, sailing gloves, your wallet and your what-nots, you just can’t easily tote that stuff around in a pair of swim trunks or a bikini. But, needless to say, the fanny packs of old were a drag on your nautical chic self. This one, impeccably crafted by Clare Vivier and offered by Westerlind is just the thing to allow you to keep both your essentials and your dignity.

Handcrafted leather. $259.

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