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+31 Architects

This modern hybrid electric houseboat was designed by Amsterdam based +31 Architects for a German adventurer and businessman. His desire was to disconnect and cruise the rivers and lakes in comfort and quiet. The 15-meter sleek cruising home features plenty of windows for he and his guests to fully engage in the beauty of the surrounding views of nature and escape the digital world.


Stepping inside, you’ll find a spacious living room, a cozy bedroom, and bathroom all built with smooth, clean wood panels. You’ll even be helping nature while admiring it as this houseboat utilizes solar panels and solar collectors on the roof to produce energy and provide you with warm water.

+31 Architects was founded in 2005 by Jorrit Houwert. The firm is active in the field of architecture, interior design, urban planning and is an expert in the field of floating constructions. They’re known for several high-profile houseboat designs on the prominent Amstel River in Amsterdam’s city centre, such as Watervilla Omval nicknamed “i-Phone boat” because of the striking round sides and smooth metal facade.


So whether you are wanting to social distance or simply live on the water and be one with nature, the Nature Cruiser Houseboat provides plenty of inspiration on how to do it right.

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