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Miss Columbia

This flag flying beauty seems like a great find to feature on 4th of July weekend. In 1923, a group of Columbia Yacht Club members formed a syndicate to build and race a boat to bring the Gold Cup home. She was designed by George Crouch and completed by Henry B. Nevins in 1924.

This reproduction of the “Miss Columbia” hull was built by Bill Cooper & Son of Massachusetts and conforms perfectly to the lines of the original Gold Cup racer. She’s a gorgeous 27′ wooden bullet.

She was commissioned by well-known race boat collector, Phillip Sharples. The boat was crafted directly from George Crouch’s original drawings. It would appear that their precise design of this boat lets her sound, behave and handle just like it’s namesake.

Miss Columbia has been used on the St. Lawrence River and does a cool 60 knots. She’s listed for $460K and is located in Ontario, Canada.

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