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LeVen Mini-Superyacht

Here’s another collaboration that’s resulted in an elegantly functional “mini” superyacht. Designed for shallow waters of the Bahamas and Southern Florida, this 90 foot craft cuts through shallow waters like butter. Thanks to her hull design and propulsion system, you can say good-bye to mangled propellors or pricey sandbar tows.

LeVen Mini-Superyacht

The 27-meter LeVen 90 is the creation of LeVen Yachts, a new joint venture between Fort Lauderdale-based YachtCreators, Dutch designers Vripack and famed Dutch shipyard Van der Valk, where the yacht is being made.

LeVen Mini-Superyacht

With a depth of just 4 ft 6 ins, and its German-made Voith Linear jet nozzles, this all-aluminum performance yacht can slide into coves and reach beaches others can’t. The jet system places the props in tapered, nozzle-like surrounds mounted in tunnels set into the hull.

LeVen Mini-Superyacht

LeVen is the brainchild of Florida-based entrepreneur Lucas Silva who was looking for a yacht to cruise with his family to his beloved Exumas island chain in the Bahamas.

You can view her debut at next month’s Ft. Lauderdale’s International Boat Show.

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