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YETI Master Cooler

When it comes to coolers, we like YETI.  While certainly pricey, they simply offer the best in quality, design and keeping things cold for an extended period of time.  For a day on the lake, we suggest the soft sided Hopper Flip (up to 13 cans) or hard sided Roadie 20 (up to 20 cans).  Be sure to get the Hopper Flip rather than the regular Hopper as it provides for much easier opening and beverage access.

For extended excursions, on the dock, or at the lake house go with the hard sided Tundra.  They offer 10 sizes ranging from 35 to 210 cans.

Be warned, the hard sided coolers are heavy.  No worries if it stays on the dock or on the boat. But if you’re hauling it loaded with ice and beer from the truck to the dock you’ll be wise to get some wheels offered by 3rd parties!

The coolers are made in Austin, TX and you can get one at Yeti.

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