YotLot Auctions

Special Yachts for Discerning Buyers.

YotLot Auctions are a new and better way to buy and sell yachts. With a focus on ground-breaking technologies, innovative marketing plans, and a broker-friendly sales process, we’re helping buyers and sellers find The Best of Boat Worlds™.

Our expert team curates the market’s most special boats, matches them with qualified buyers and facilitates an easy, fast, market-driven transaction.


Because days on the market
are expensive.

When a yacht has been on the market for a long period of time, not only does it suffer from negative perception, but the holding costs keep piling up. We eliminate that cost. 

YotLot Auctions are elevated experiences – utilizing the best practices from Fine Art, Antiquities, and Automotive auctions.

Doesn’t your yacht deserve the same treatment?

We sell only well-maintained and well-vetted unique yachts for clients that are not in a precarious financial state, but rather choosing to auction as a smart decision. We’re not in the business of bank sales, salvage boats or foreclosures.

Classic and Unique Yachts

Well-maintained Modern Models

One-of-a-Kind Yachts


YotLot auctions are free to sellers and are broker friendly. We offer buyers a unique opportunity to securely bid on well vetted, carefully selected yachts of distinction. We honor standard brokerage commissions and receive a 5% buyers premium of the winning bid. Learn more.

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