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Howler Brothers Rain Jacket

Howler Brothers Rain Jacket

What’s there not to love about a company who’s name was inspired by the sound of howler monkeys while the co-founders were surfing in Costa Rica. And they happen to make sweet apparel as well. This rain jacket will keep you nice and dry from the ocean spray or inclement weather. Meticulously designed and tested, their brand new Aguacero Rain Jacket is constructed of 2.5 layer nylon bonded lightweight fabric with a touch of spandex to keep you freewheeling when you get out there in the deluge.

The taped seams and waterproof zippers keep the water out and your core cozy but the vented sides allow you to open up and let off some steam when things heat up. It is fully packable into the hood and features western-style front pockets, bungee drawcords and Bros Bolt logo. Available in Original Yellow, Verde Jungle Print, Post Blue, and Evac Black.

Normally $199. But you can pick one up on Amazon for $121 now.

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