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Hinckley Dasher

Here’s Hinckley’s first zero emission electric yacht.   This 28.6′ 21st century design is aptly called Dasher after the original Hinckley Picnic Boat that created a whole new genre of yachts in the 1990’s.  It sports a carbon-epoxy composite hull designed by Michael Peters to provide superior performance and handling.  It has hand-painted “teak” brightwork that never needs to be oiled and saves weight.  The titanium hardware and iPad-like controls are elegantly modern.  Dasher‘s twin 80 horsepower electric motors and dual BMW i3 lithium ion batteries provides its electric performance.

Dasher is a zero emissions boat that requires zero time at the fuel dock.  It can be charged with dual 50 amp charging cables that are standard in most marinas, and charge twice as fast as the most popular plug-in electric cars.

Since its cruising speed is a modest 10 MPH with fast cruising at 18-27 MPH, and its range on a single charge is limited to 40 miles or less, Dasher is not intended to be an offshore boat.

Learn more about Dasher here.


Hinckley Dasher


Hinckley Dasher


Hinckley Dasher


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