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Hi Sea Floating Hotel

The Hi Sea Floating Hotel is surrounded by nothing but the sea off the coast of Fujian. Dong Xinmeng designed this 5,000-square-foot retreat. He constructed it using corrosion-resistant materials with exterior decking made with weather-resistant flooring that resembles timber. It’s securely docked with 16 metal anchors and operates completely off-grid. The wood-lined interior houses a collection of guest rooms and living spaces surrounded by ocean vistas, while an expansive deck extends the interior out to a spa and circular lounge area.

hi sea floating hotel

The 500 square meters space is equipped with a living room, 3 guest rooms and a kitchen. Boats and kayaks are docked next to the building for recreation.

hi sea floating hotel

The interior design is simple and concise, the basic tone of the original wood color creates a warm and friendly atmosphere, and the diamond-shaped carpet and polygonal coffee table inject a sense of fashion into the space. The large area of foldable glass lets you be one with the sea.

The hotel caters to private groups only for privacy and is located in the sea area of Dongshan Island in Fujian, 500m from the coastline.

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