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Hero Grill

Hero Grill

Hero Grill is a one-of-a-kind portable grill that’s perfect on the dock, boat, beach or camping out. Say goodbye to bags of messy charcoal and lighter fluid. The Hero Grill uses a self-contained, all natural charcoal pod. It makes a tasty grill and is super small, simple, and clean. This eco-friendly, portable grill system is high quality in design and features a fast set up with no mess.

The natural charcoal pods heat up in ten minutes and give you an hour of grill time. The grill weighs a mere 10 pounds and it comes with everything you need to cook — the grill, plant-based charcoal pods, a bamboo spatula, a bamboo cutting board, a silicone-wrapped meat thermometer and a rugged, waterproof carry case. All you need to bring is the meats, veggies, grill-master and some appetites!

Order yours now for $85.

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