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We had to admit to ourselves recently that the primary reason we find ourselves visiting the Gannon and Benjamin website so frequently isn’t just to gaze upon their beautiful hand-built boats, but it’s to pretend for a moment that we actually ARE Gannon and Benjamin. The photos of their shop on Martha’s Vineyard, and the days they spend laboring over their craft are as appealing as their final products.

We present Hazel as evidence. The Hazel 18 is a plank-on-frame daysailer originally designed by Nat Benjamin and hand-built at the G&B shop. She is designed and built for simplicity of use – easy to rig, easy to sail, easy to love.



Her sheerstakes, broadstrakes, and garboards are of wana, a South American species that is extraordinarily dense, providing extra strength. They offer this model in both a marconi and gaff-rigged sail plan.

We hope to visit their boat yard sometime soon for a closer look at what they do. But for now, we love their vision:

“Getting all the details right, not cutting corners, and using the best materials are what build longevity into a boat,” says Ross. But Nat and Ross want it clearly understood that they do not consider their business an “artistic endeavor,” if this means turning out little gems of boats that no one can afford. If every wooden boat has to be an expensive boat, there wouldn’t be many of them around. We take pride in getting all of our work done in a reasonable period of time and at a good price.”

See Hazel and many other lovely little boats at Gannon and Benjamin. 



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