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Encircled by coral reefs, Antigua is revered for its sparkling water and verdant views. Half Moon Bay has long been one of Antigua’s most sought-after neighborhoods. Its founders were socialites, philanthropists, and art collectors who established a unique culture and a quiet aesthetic that endures to this day. Architecture and site planning paid homage to the pristine nature of land and sea.

Half Moon Bay Antigua

The original Half Moon Bay Hotel, built in the 1950s, played regular host to Audrey Hepburn, Elton John, and other international luminaries.

Half Moon Bay Antigua

The new resort honors the location’s distinguished past and the environmentally sensitive design evokes the spirit of that celebrated hotel.

Half Moon Bay Antigua

Half Moon Bay Antigua is a new 132-acre resort presenting some of the most coveted land in the Caribbean including a limited number of homesites, large enough for a grand residence or a family compound, overlooking the bay. Two other significant properties, the Rosewood Estate set on a very private parcel and the Mellon Estate, one of the most expensive in the Caribbean, are offered for the first time in more than 50 years. A Rosewood Resort anchors the community and residential opportunities also include Rosewood branded residences in varied settings.

Half Moon Bay Antigua resorts and homes promises to add a new layer of allure to the magnificent isle. Book your stay at the Rosewood Hotel and Residences or buy one of the 10 estate lots priced from $5 million to $25 million.

Half Moon Bay Antigua
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