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Hinckley MKII Talaria

This MKII Talaria caught our eye. She was launched in 2007 and received an update in 2017. Hinckley’s signature design and craftsmanship is unmistakeable. And what’s there not to love about blues, browns and cream. The 55′ MKII Talaria remains Hinckley’s flagship model to this day in their power yacht line up. 

Hinckley MKII Talaria

Hinckley has pioneered and perfected their Carbon / Kevlar resin infused hulls and composite parts by use of Scrimp technology for over a decade. With use of these processes the 55′ Talaria MKII hull and superstructure’s strength and light weight are second to none in her class. FORE ACES has cruising and max speeds of 26 Knots and 36 Knots, respectively.

She’s listed at $1,995K.

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