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Boating meets the Jetsons.  Using a pair or retractable carbon fiber hydrofoils, the aptly-named Foiler Flying Yacht glides above the waves. It’s powered by two 320 hp BMW diesel engines, linked to two electric generators and two electric torpedoes for a hybrid system. The result is a top speed of 40 knots, a range of 130 nautical miles at a cruising speed of 30 knots, and the ability to tackle six-foot waves with no onboard disruption for you or your seven passengers.  Move from “Fly” mode to “Float” mode at the touch of a button.

The Foiler is manufactured from carbon fiber with high grade stainless steel, aluminum and titanium mechanical parts.  The foils and rudders are also manufactured from carbon fiber in an autoclave, to ensure high rigidity and robustness.

Certified for up to 8 passengers, the Foiler is 32 ft in length and 11 ft wide.  When in fly mode Foiler is 3 ft off the water and has a wingspan of 24 ft.

Contact Foiler to place an order.  They quote 12 month delivery.







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