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Fifish P3 Underwater Drone

While we continue to wait for the jetpacks we were promised, we’re pretty excited about this new Fifish underwater drone from QYSEA. This product claims 100m maximum depth and a 2 hour battery life, with serious optics that produce “astonishing underwater footage”. Equipped with an Ambarella chipset, a 1″ Sony CMOS sensor and 162 ultra wide angle lens, the P3 is designed to capture 4K HD footage and 20-Megapixel photos underwater.

The controller looks pretty nifty too and claims smooth seamless control in 6 directions of movement, with Automatic Cruise, fixed depth and underwater suspension, with 1080P live streaming.

Beyond being a way to capture the underwater landscapes we rarely get to see from above, you might also be able to justify this sexy gadget as a valuable tool for investigating issues that arise on the bottomside of the boat, like fouled props, stalled bowthrusters, etc. Look, we’re only trying to help.

Get on the launch day list at QYSEA.


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