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Here’s an easy, and totally practical way to add a little mood lighting to your onboard evenings – the classic oil burning Hurricane Lantern from Feuerhand. If you don’t already use one, these may seem to be a little too antiquated for your consideration, but think again. They’re not just some ye oldey relic to make you feel like a true yachtsperson, they’re very useful onboard as efficient, pleasant warm light indoors, or hung from a railing as cockpit lighting, or even raised by halyard when anchored. They burn fuel so efficiently, that if you want to leave it on to help you find your boat after a night of bar hopping on shore, you’ll be glad you did, as it will be lit long after your nifty little solar light has long burned out.

Best of all, they come in six colors and are only $49.97. Made in Germany.

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